I was talking to a friend of mine this morning about how I feel like you can’t really trust people the way you want to. I feel like so many people seek relationships and connections that only benefit them. I’m referring to any type of relationship whether platonic, romantic, or even family. People are always looking for what THEY can get out of it. I believe that’s why so many relationships don’t work out. 

It boils down to two main things…pride and selfishness. We’re too prideful to recognize our faults, to attempt to change for the better, and to realize that sometimes we are the problem. We love posting quotes like “Accept me for who I am” not realizing we may be horrible people. We’re too selfish and become consumed with what we can get out of a relationship and forget that a relationship requires us to give as well. 

Our generation celebrates memes that show relationship goals as two perfect looking people with matching Jordans and tattoos instead of people with matching focused mindsets. Our generation celebrates physical attractiveness without looking at the heart of a person. I think we forget that “looks” are temporary. Physical attributes have become the main standard while someone’s character has become negotiable and leaves us willing to compromise. I see it all the time. We say “I love you” without the action to back it up. We don’t commit, praise “not catching feelings”, and look at sex as recreational act. No wonder we have some many trust issues. 

No one’s perfect but it’s YOUR responsibility to analyze your relationships (new and old) to protect yourself from heart ache. It’s YOUR responsibility to honestly look at yourself to see if you’re the issues. Its YOUR responsibility to determine if you’re not getting back the same energy you put into a relationship and do something about it (Check out my “Energy” blog). We have to stop playing the victim and start taking control. The unfortunate reality is that you simply cannot trust too freely.

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