From my Facebook Post Yesterday:

So the most embarrassing thing in my life has just occurred. I’m having a nice time in the hotel lobby with my family on our last night in NY. At the same time another group is having a party. Everyone is coexisting and it’s great. All of a sudden my stomach is like “Bruh we got bizness to take care of”…so I’m like “Bet I know the perfect poop spot I’ve been using it all week and it’s great. It has the perfect lighting, good music, and it’s nice and clean.” I go to the spotand realize the lock is kind of jacked up. I thought “Well no one has been in here all week so…YOLO!” I sit down and assume the position. Everything is going perfect…then one of the other guys from the other party walks in. The rest is a blur but next thing I know….he’s in my stall. He walked in so strongly as if he had a key to the door. That’s right people…my pants are down, my goodies are out, poop is a factor, and I’m making eye contact with a stranger. What was probably 1-2 sec felt like hours. He curses, calls on Jesus, and leaves abruptly. I’m pretty sure I smiled at him…not sure why…wish I could take it back…but it’s out there now. I remember saying “It’s all good!”…Why did I lie? It wasn’t good at all…it was horrifying. I’m now in my room and refuse to leave. Won’t be coming to NY for a while.  ‪#‎whyme‬ ‪#‎iblamesatan‬‪#‎NeverPoopingAgain‬ ‪#‎WhyDidntHeSmellMeBeforeHeWalkedIn‬‪ #‎gottaStartMakingNoisesInTheStall‬

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