This is the section where I’m supposed to say something captivating or tell you something “interesting” about myself so that you’ll want to get to know me better and therefore stick around for future post. I refuse do that. I will tell you that I’m a pretty honest and open person but won’t label myself  as transparent because I don’t believe I’m easy to understand. I consider myself to be a deep thinker who often gets lost in his own world and daydreams several times a day. I’m so in love with music and art that I constantly find myself being distracted from “every-day” responsibilities in order to be creative. I get lost so deep in music until I’m completely unaware of what’s happening around me.  Laughter is just as important to me as breathing and because I find myself caught up in a lot of awkward and unusual situations, I tend to laugh at myself A LOT! I am simple and complex. I’m an open book with a few pages torn out of it. I am joyful and even more so when in pain. This site is place for me to share my thoughts, my experiences, and my creativity throughout my life’s journey. I aim to promote positivity and to inspire the uninspired by sharing my heart, mind and soul with you.