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Spoken Word

Colonel Sanders Failed – Spoken Word

Check out this week’s spoken word about failing! Don’t forget to COMMENT, SHARE, & FOLLOW MY BLOG!

The Girl Who Couldn’t Be Broken – Spoken Word

This is a true story! Sexual abuse is such a huge issue that’s rarely addressed. Anyone that has experienced anything like this I hope this encourages you to conquer that pain that someone caused you.  LIKE, SHARE, & LEAVE A COMMENT!


Too Many Excuses – Spoken Word

A spoken word enouraging us to stop making excuses and to make things happen for ourselves. It’s easy to find a reason to not do something and the hinders us from being great! So no more excuses, let’s approach our dreams and goals  like our lives depend on it!

Problems & Solutions – Spoken Word

My group One Focus had a great show this weekend where we did some spoken word and live music! A couple of us just wanted to share some of our pieces we did. Hope you enjoy!

Depression Must Not Win – Spoken Word

A spoken word where I talk about dealing with depression. There are so many people hurting in this world and I hope that they come across this and can be encouraged! (Check out my pain blog)


Dear Ladies: You’re Valuable!

Spoken word encouraging both women and men to recognize their value and make sure others do as well! You can check out the blog I wrote about this too. (Know Your Worth Blog)

Conquer Self-Doubt: Spoken Word

A spoken word piece encouraging you to conquer self-doubt so that you can experience the greatness inside of you!

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Yesterday Is Dead – Spoken Word

A spoken about moving forward and no longer living in the past! Be encouraged! COMMENT & SHARE!! I want to hear from you!

Be Prepared…For Real Love!

A spoken word about my personal experiences with relationships and love. Let’s be patient and not be discouraged. Check it out and let me know what you think. I want to hear from you! LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE!! (Follow me on social media)

One Focus – Father’s Day Spoken Word

My group, One Focus, doing some spoken word for Father’s Day at church. Contact us at for booking. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE!

Forgiveness – Spoken Word

New spoken word touching on the subject of forgiveness! Talks about a father who forgave a  killer…check it out and leave a comment. Feel free to share as well!




Don’t Wait For The New Year!

A spoken word to encourage you to make things happen now! Even baby steps will eventually get you to your destination! LIKE, SHARE, AND COMMENT! I want to hear from you!

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