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Follow Your Gift – Spoken Word by K Soul

This is a spoken word video about the importance of using your gifts and not dismissing your passions. Check it out and leave a comment! Don’t forget to subscribe!!

Colonel Sanders Failed – Spoken Word

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Too Many Excuses – Spoken Word

A spoken word enouraging us to stop making excuses and to make things happen for ourselves. It’s easy to find a reason to not do something and the hinders us from being great! So no more excuses, let’s approach our dreams and goals  like our lives depend on it!

Where Is Your Mindset Taking You?

During the past couple of months my thinking and outlook on life has changed significantly. I’ve been determined to achieve a lot of artistic goals and life goals that I have set for myself. I’ve been reading a lot and speaking to others who are both wiser and more knowledgeable than I am. I make sure I stay in constant contact with these people and friends who are just as motivated and as hungry to succeed as I am. They help shape the mentality I have. I truly believe that one of the most important tools for moving towards achieving greatness is knowing how and when to change your mindset.

 I have such a strong burning desire to have a positive impact on others! That desire fuels the passion you see in my work when I put together these spoken word videos, write blogs, or put out any other content on my website. I have a heart to inspire, motivated, and speak truth to as many people as I possibly can while I’m still breathing. Having passion is great but it’s nothing without the right mindset.

I’ve been doing spoken word and music for a number of years now. It’s something I always loved doing but never fully committed to it. I’ve had some epic moments in my spoken word/music career but I always treated it like a hobby. It was just something I would do when I had time to or if an opportunity happened to cross my path. Well I realized I was cheating myself and also cheating others out of experiencing my gift at its full potential (Check out “Gifts” blog). I became aware that I should be chasing my dreams instead of waiting for things to happen for me. I had to change my way of thinking, and fast. Once I went through that transformation, not only did I see myself growing but more opportunities began to come my way.

 I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I can say today that I’m definitely on the right path and in a better position to achieve my goals. It all started with deciding to renew my mind. I think differently than before therefore I now operate differently. Instead waiting to be given a platform to touch people with my spoken word I created my own. I started this website and revamped my YouTube channel along with my other social media accounts I have (Check Them Out Here!). I now write a piece every week, memorize it, record it, and then release it on Mondays. I also challenged myself to write a blog about whatever is in my heart and on my mind every Thursday/Friday. It’s hard work and can be difficult at times but I refuse to let that deter me. My old mindset would have been looking to take a week or two off or convince myself that I didn’t need to do this much work. My new mindset wants to keep pushing, wants to grow and evolve, and is always ready to work harder and smarter. This newly found mind frame of mine has already begun to benefit me and will eventually pay off the way I want it to.
 It’s critical that we take time to analyze our way of thinking. We have to make sure we are working with a mindset that will lead us to success. This requires us to be humble. If we are too prideful and stubborn to change, we can never evolve.  A lot of poor people who later become millionaires gain that wealth because somewhere during their journey they allowed their thinking to change and progress. I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and in the book they explain how two people viewed and handled money differently based on their mentalities. One person ended up wealthy and one ended up with debt; two hard-working people who had two different mindsets and because of that they ended up in different places in their lives. Don’t be afraid to change, don’t be afraid to questions yourself, the way your mind functions will determine where you end up in life.
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Problems & Solutions – Spoken Word

My group One Focus had a great show this weekend where we did some spoken word and live music! A couple of us just wanted to share some of our pieces we did. Hope you enjoy!

They Booed Lauryn Hill

A spoken word a did a while back encouraging people to continue pursing your dreams and goals despite your failures and people’s negative opinion about you.

Choose “To Fail” or “To Regret”

I was doing some thinking last night, pondering about regret and the types of regrets that older people sometimes end up with. If you ever take the time to talk to someone 30 – 40 years older than you are and living with regret you’ll notice that all of their regrets are usually intangible. They always wish they would’ve tried harder, took something or someone more seriously, practiced more, traveled more frequently, fell in love, took more risk etc.

I think sometimes my generation, and I’m guilty of this too, tends to make a lot of decisions based on tangible rewards. Getting degrees in fields we aren’t passionate about, taking jobs for the best paycheck possible, establishing relationships based on physical features, spending less time doing what we love to do in order to do something we “sort of enjoy”, not taking enough risk in order to be safe. Are we just setting ourselves up for a life full of regret(s)?  Are we missing out by chasing the wrong things, the wrong people, and the wrong goals? Are we adding to the list of regrets that we may already have? Well it’s not too late to do something about it.

We have to push past the fear of stepping out of our comfort zones and beyond our safety nets. Follow that dream that you’re passionate about, travel to that place you’ve always wanted to go, talk to the crush you’re always too nervous to approach, start that business idea you’ve had for years, start checking off your bucket list. The worse that can happen is that you fail.

I’m currently reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. In the book he states “Winners are not afraid of losing, but losers are. Failure is part of the process of achieving success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” MIND BLOWING!!! We must fail in order to succeed in order to end up with little to no regret. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t end up with a pile of regrets at the end of your life!

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