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Alone – Spoken Word

Check my latest spoken word about being alone and feeling lonely.

Dear Ladies: You’re Beautiful – Spoken Word by K Soul

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The Little Things – Spoken Word

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Patience & Practice Make Perfect

I’ve had many others tell me over the years that I’m an extremely patient person. People have complimented me on my ability to steer through difficult and tense situations with class and calmness even when most wouldn’t blame me for losing my composure. There are some who see my patience as a weakness or as something that allows other to walk all over me. The truth is that it’s one of the hardest things that I’ve had to learn to do. Even today it can be a struggle. In all reality it takes a lot of strength to be patient. Being patient isn’t a natural trait for me. It’s not something I was born with. It’s something that that I had to really WORK towards, it’s something that I had to practice.

We all have different thresholds of tolerance, but most of us claim to be impatient wishing we had more patience.  We have accepted being easily aggravated as part of our personalities and part of what makes us who we are. We want things done quickly, we demand immediate answers, and we think things should be done our way. There are a variety of thing that may set us off. Bad customer service, traffic, being disrespected, or when things don’t go our way. We even converse with other impatient people in order to justify our impatient actions not realizing how damaging it is. Being impatient or the way we deal with it can lead to a lot of negative outcomes.

  1. Health

Impatience can lead to having a lot of anxiety and to being overly and sometimes obliviously hostile. This all causes stress. According to the CDC 110 million people die every year as a direct result of stress. They calculate that to be 7 people every 2 seconds. Not only that but it can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

  1. Socially

Being around impatient people can sometimes be difficult. When someone becomes impatient they become counterproductive, rude, and sometimes just flat out embarrassing to be with.  Impatience causes you to be selfish and dismissive of others. Even today there are certain people that I refuse to do certain things with because I know how impatient they can be and how they react to that impatience. In this way it can ruin relationships in your life. No one wants to be spend time with someone who’s constantly stressed out, hostile, and complains all the time. Also to be candid, sometimes it just makes people look foolish!

  1. Mentally/Personally

When you choose to accept that you’re an impatient person it’s like choosing to think negatively. It can cause you to quit or to give up easily. When you become impatient you become angry and anger causes you to behave and think illogically and irrationally. You may not realize it but impatience is a really dark trait to hold onto. It’s why you hear stories on the news about regular people just completely losing their minds in the spur of a moment and they end up hurting others emotionally and physically. Impatient people can be abusive, mean spirited, and disrespectful.

Once I realized how much of a negative impact being easily irritated could have on my life I realized that I had to do something about it, so I simply just stared trying. I tried my best to be patient and I failed many times. Today I still fail occasionally and lose my patience but I’ve learned that by consistently trying that I was becoming a more and more patient person. I’ve also realized that even when I am impatient I don’t always have to react negatively.

Even though most see me as patient and laid-back from the outside, on the inside sometimes something different is happening.  I can actually be easily frustrated and can be sensitive to the way I’m addressed by others. I get just as annoyed as the next person does. People think I’ve been walking around my whole life being optimistic, when in reality I’ve had to struggle to fight off pessimism. Today I’m still impatient at times but I’m more patient because I put in some hard work to become that person. It didn’t happen overnight, it took time. I also had to be honest with myself realizing that sometimes I’m too impatient. That’s the hard part that most of us don’t want to do. (Becoming the Best Version of You)

Now there are times when being impatient is an appropriate response; I think the same thing about anger. For example I remember when I broke my leg and went to the hospital the doctor and nurses were being lackadaisical about dealing with my injury. My dad became extremely impatient, but while keeping his composure he very sternly demanded that I be moved to a different hospital. His impatience led to me getting better care but realize I said that he kept his composure. Sometimes we think that we have to act out negatively in order to avoid suppressing our feelings or to get our points across when we don’t. There’s more than one way to skin a cat but a lot of the times we choose the hardest way.

If you truly want to become more patient it’s going to take some work and honesty on your part. The next time you get cut off traffic instead of having road rage move on with your life. When you see things aren’t going your way instead of throwing an adult temper tantrum think about possible solutions and remedies. If you experience horrible customer service somewhere instead of cursing someone out just ask for the corporate number and let them know your concerns.  Before snapping at someone find a more effective way to communicate. These alternate reactions will bring more peace and positive energy to your life. The more you practice the more patient you become.


Follow Your Gift – Spoken Word by K Soul

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Fight – Spoken Word by KSoul

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Why People NEED Your Gift!

FacebookA few weeks ago I posted a blog about dealing with emotional pain (click here to read the blog). In addition to posting that blog on my website I also put a section of it on my Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts. My goal is always to reach as many people as possible. I want to use my gift to inspire and encourage people who may be going through tough periods in their lives or dealing with difficult situations. I’m no expert on life, but I’ve been told that I have a gift to uplift people when they’re feeling down just by talking and listening. That’s one of the reasons I started blogging and posting my spoken word pieces.

After posting a snippet of the blog on Instagram I came in contact with a girl who posted a heartbreaking video of her cutting herself. The clip caught my attention because in the description she mentioned suicide, death, and pain. To make a long story short, she read my blog and I ended up reaching out and conversing with her on social media. By the end of the conversation she said she was willing to try, I made her feel confident, and that I was very helpful. She even ended up following me from her personal Instagram account (I’m guessing the “suicidal” one was created so that she could remain anonymous and express herself freely). Every once in a while I’ll send her a DM message asking her if everything is ok, and so far she seems to be doing good.

I didn’t share this story because I think that I’m some sort of life guru or Good Samaritan. I wanted to point out the importance of using your gift because it can be used to affect the lives of others. Whether I’m putting a together a spoken word, writing lyrics for a song, typing up a new blog, or giving advice to a friend I can confidently say that I have a gift with words. I am not claiming to be the best; I just know what I have been blessed with. Once I discovered this gift I knew that I wanted to positively impact people with my words in a life changing manner. The Instagram conversation I had with that young lady almost brought me to tears because I was so happy that I was able to have a meaningful impact on her life. That moment was like a dream come true for me.

It is critical that we discover what our gifts are! It’s not only important for you but it’s important for others as well. I’m not saying that you’ll be able to use your gift to change the world in one night but there are individuals who will be impacted by you when your path crosses with theirs. I feel as though my blog served a great purpose because it gave someone who had given up a new confidence. Even if I only encouraged her to get through one day it was worth it. Your gift doesn’t always have to be tangible either. I know there are times when I’m inspired just by watching people handle tough situations in their lives. Think about your idols and those you look up to, because they’ve found their gifts and decided to use them, you have been inspired and/or encouraged. Some of us are who we are today because of those people. Tapping into your gift isn’t just about you! I would even go as far to say that if you’re not tapping into your gift and sharing it then you are being selfish. Find your gift, use your gift in a positive manner, and change someone’s life.

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